Learn What Maintenance Can Delay AC Repairs

This video is for interested parties who want to know what they can do to avoid having to get AC repairs for a while. It helps AC owners get the most out of their units to save money and enjoy the comforts of air conditioning in their homes.

One tip is to check the blower wheel and ensure it isn’t dirty.

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The blower wheel has a huge metal housing component on it. The speaker says that the user needs to turn the power to the furnace off and then reach into the blower motor’s housing and feel for dust and such.

Leveling the condenser unit is another way to avoid or delay costly AC unit repairs and replacement. Condenser units that are slightly to the side might be okay. However, an individual should take the time to leave out one that seems to lean profusely.

Another tip the speaker discusses is changing the thermostat batteries. Not every homeowner is aware that his or her thermostat has batteries in it. Changing the batteries on the thermostat batteries can be a huge help in keeping the AC’s operation at an optimal level. It’s a basic maintenance task that can put off AC repairs for quite some time.

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