Insulate Your Garage Doors and Watch Your Energy Bills Drop

If your energy inspection has revealed that your garage is a place where you are losing energy, this video can help. An energy inspection is an easy way to locate where you need to make improvements for energy efficiency. Many times the garage is a source of a great deal of energy consumption because it […]

Different DIY Projects That Could Include the Kids

Every household wishes to have adequate family time to socialize and spend quality time together. However, because of our tight work and school schedules, you may find that most families don’t enjoy such a luxury. An ideal father-son interaction can be during a domestic home renovation project like a bathroom renovation, where they’ll get to […]

The REAL Cost of DIY Home Renovations

In this video, you will understand the real truth behind the cost of DIY home renovations. According to Jeff, understanding cost is essential in decision making regarding hiring a home remodelling service or doing it yourself. Furthermore, Jeff desired to assist homeowners in acquiring the trade’s skills and methods of remodeling. It’s a channel committed […]