Large Loss – Water Damage Restoration Process

When there has been a damaging incident with water, the first step is to stop the leak or other problem so that there is no more water coming in. Then, the commercial water damage assessment can be done. This initial assessment determines the scope of the damage, including where the water came in, how much of the building is affected, and how bad the damage is.

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Then, getting up the remaining water has to happen. This is done with heavy-duty water vacuums that suck up the standing water as well as using industrial fans that dry out the surfaces. Once the water is removed, the damage to the building can be repaired.

If the water damage was heavy, there will be many areas of the building materials that simply need to be replaced. Being soaked in water will ruin many of these materials, and it is not safe to keep them in place. Pulling out the damaged materials has to happen first, and then the damaged areas can be repaired with new materials. The extent of this depends on the amount of water that affected the materials as well as the type of materials that are present in the building.

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