How Does Your Garden Grow?

The vibrant orange color in front of your home is striking. In fact, at least once a week you have someone who is walking past your house stop and ask you what kinds of flowers you have planted in your beds. By now, of course, your answer is nearly automatic. For the most part the only thing you understand about the flower beds is the color.

After years of wanting to plant nothing but orange blooms in front of your home, you finally achieved this task. In the past at least one of your daughters is along then you are shopping at the local garden centers. And while you have often started with a goal of selecting flowers that provide the most vibrant oranges, in the past you have always had one of your two daughters along. With older daughter liking purple and your younger daughter loving pink, your color scheme is always ruined. The results are pretty, but chaotic. And while few would call this summer’s arrangement of front yard flower beds calm, you are more than happy with the monochromatic scheme.

The Summer of Covid-19 Has Led to Many Vibrant Plants and Succulents

With many vacation plans cancelled this summer, there are many property owners who made a decision to make sure that they spent more time in their yards. Away from the internet and the 24/7 news cycle, garden store are the first step in an investment in the exterior of your home. And while many summers may have involved vacations and out of town trips that leave flowers and the plants uncared for, many Americans found themselves with more time to take care of plants, vegetables, and any other kind of options that are amiable at local garden centers.

Plant Parenting Continues to be a Popular Trend

If this spring and summer have found you spending more time at home than normal, then this might be the time when you really want to invest your time and energy in a great bed of flowers, a set of succulents for inside your home, or a garden full of vegetables. And if you have decided that plant parenting is for you for the first time this year, you are not alone. In fact, while many other kinds of businesses have been suffering during the last five months, many local garden centers are seeing some of their biggest profits.

Even though National Indoor Plant Week may not be until the third week of September, if you have decided to embrace gardening the summer then you may be looking forward to every day when you can nourish and care for your indoor succulents and other kinds of plants. And while outdoor gardening often gets the most attention from people who are shopping at local garden centers, it is also important to note that there are many kinds of indoor plants that can bring enjoyment as well.

Growing in popularity even before the pandemic, the U.S. home and garden marked shoed an increase of $10 billion in the year 2018. And while younger generations continue to build interest, older generations still dominate the gardening participation at 35%. For people of all ages, gardening is therapeutic and provides a release of endorphins that provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment even after the actual gardening is complete. And at a time when so many parts of the economy are suffering, it is nice to know that American gardeners reported $47.8 billion of lawn and garden retail expenses this last season.

As of 2017, approximately 117.6 million Americans indicated that they did some sort of gardening in the preceding 12 months. And back in 2016 the average expense on gardening and lawn care was as much as $141.06 per consumer. As a result, the U.S. home and garden market was worth about $272 billion in 2017. Getting outside and digging in the dirt is one way that many people not only improve the exterior of their home but it is also a way that many people force themselves to focus on something tangible that they can control. And even when not every plant or vegetable that you grow succeeds, there are still many other successes in outdoor gardening.

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