How To Install Sod in Your Lawn?

If you want to add more lawn to your home or replace a current lawn, but don’t know how to install sod? We are here to help.

You must start from scratch when it comes to the area you want to do your sod installation. You will have to add dirt or level the area you are working on first.

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You must also have an irrigation system installed or a regular watering schedule to make sure your sod is kept hydrated.

Pour sod fertilizer or seed starter over the area and use a lawn roller to settle and firm the surface before installing the sod. You must immediately install the sod once you receive it. You will then lay it down on the lawn in a staggered, brick like pattern as shown in the video. Cut the sod where needed around any obstacles in the area with a large knife or a spade shovel.

Make sure to pack the sod together and water throughout the process to soak the sod; Water the sod again after installation to make sure it is soaking wet. Cut the sod once it is three inches tall and fertilize your sod once a month to have the best results.


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