What is the Cost of a Master Bathroom Remodel?

Tired of your old bathroom tiles and backsplash? How about some bathroom remodeling services to give your space aesthetic and functional touch. If you’re looking to remodel your master bathroom, a number of factors will influence the total cost.

However, these costs can’t be compared with the impact a bathroom remodel project has on the value of your home. The average cost of remodeling a main bathroom range from $12,000 and $28,000, with an average homeowner spending $20,000.

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For king-size main bathrooms in luxury homes, the remodel costs can even reach or go beyond $50,000.

Factors that determines bathroom remodel costs are: extent of renovation, quality of materials, appliances, where you live, labor costs and local materials. These items will determine your budget, and whether you’re going for full bathroom renovation or partial remodeling. Essentially, full bathroom remodeling services includes layout design and planning, demolishing and framing, wiring and electrical, plumbing, dry-walling, then tiling. Fixtures and other bathroom accessories such as shower, vanity countertop and bath are installed afterwards before finishing with your flooring and painting.

Can You Remodel a Bathroom with a Tight Budget
Yes, you can finance a bathroom-remodeling project with a small budget, without needing to change the floor plan. How? First, consider budget-friendly fixtures like bathtubs, shower vanity, toilet and sink. Instead of demolishing your bathroom walls, give the walls a fresh coat of paint and update your lighting fixtures for an improved look.


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