How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bedroom

A bedroom is pretty much the most private part of the home for any person, after the toilet. When it comes to painting your bedroom, there are a lot of things to consider. The most predominant is the right paint color to use.

If you just bought a new house and are struggling with the bare walls or you are simply sick of the same colors and desperately need a makeover, we are here for you.

This article will walk through everything; from how to choose the right paint color for your bedroom to how much light should be in your room when choosing colors.

Colors Create Illusions

In order to understand how to choose the right paint color for your bedroom, you need to understand how colors work. A cool-toned paint color, such as pale blue or lilac can make a small room look more spacious while darker colors make a room seem closed off. These cool colors are often associated with calmness and tranquility and give a feeling of more space, even in an apartment that seems too small for your needs.

For example, if you look at two-bedroom apartments side by side and one has navy blue walls while the other has cream-colored walls, which one would feel like more space? The answer? The light-colored walls will look airy and bigger than the others even if the rooms are the same size. This is the illusion color creates.

If this is what you want your room to appear like, then brighter colors are your go-to. If a rather compact and darker space is what you’re in for, then consider warm colors.

Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to that excitement and intensity. These colors can be used to create a vibrant, energetic feeling in your bedroom.

Neutral-colored rooms, on the other hand, work well if you want a balanced vibe in your bedroom. Neutral colors are calming and soothing, making them perfect for bedrooms. They’re also versatile, so they can be paired with other colors to create an eclectic look that’s easy on the eyes.

The question to be answered is this: what emotions do you desire to convey through your room? Your ability to answer this would help you narrow down the ton of color options to just the ones that fit into the emotions you want your room to convey. This in turn provides a template that would guide you on how to choose the right color for your bedroom.

Don’t Pick an Accent Color That’s Too Similar to the Color of Your Walls

Like bright colors, an accent wall that has a different color from the other walls in the room can make the space feel cozier or bigger, depending on the color you choose. Thus, when it comes to choosing the right paint color for your bedroom, you want to make sure that you don’t choose one that is too similar to the wall color.

The first thing people see when they walk into a room is the paint job and it can have a big impact on how they feel about your space. If the walls are painted in an earthy shade of green, but your accent wall is blue-green with aqua accents then this will create an imbalance in a tone that may not sit well with guests who notice it while they’re looking around. You might also find yourself having trouble choosing accessories or other pieces of home furniture because they’re so different from what’s on display in your living room.

Here’s how you can choose the right paint color for your bedroom instead; If you have a light-colored room, flat paint may be the best choice. It’s usually referred to as an ‘eggshell’ or satin finish and will look nice against most fabrics in your household. Eggshell and satin finishes can also be used on lighter surfaces such as wood floors because they absorb light energy more easily than glossy paints do.

If you’re looking for something that’s more vibrant than eggshell or satin, consider using glossy paints instead. Glossy finishes aren’t just for bedrooms; they’re great when used on walls in small areas like closets and bathrooms where bright colors can make an impact without overwhelming their surroundings too much (or at least not all at once).

Experiment with Samples

If you are wondering how to choose a paint color for your bedroom, it’s important to consider how the room makes you feel. The right paint can be a mood-lifter and if you’re feeling tired and stressed, it might be just what you need to help relax.

Picking the right color for your bedroom can be a challenge, but paint color experts say the best way to start is with inspiration. You can visit your local hardware store and pick out a range of sample colors from the colors that you were going for and then apply a coating of it on your walls.

Now, the paint you eventually decide on would be mixed and finished according to your desires but this would help give you a general idea of what the paint would look like. Sometimes, we think we know exactly how a color makes us feel until we see it clearly for the first time. Hence, it is important that we paint a reasonable portion of the room first before committing to a color. Don’t limit yourself; you can try as many colors as you wish.

Don’t Paint the Room before Choosing the New Flooring

This is a no-brainer, but it’s easy for people to forget. Your flooring can have an effect on how light or dark your walls will be.

If you want something bright, go with a lighter color of paint (like white or cream) while darker tones will create more shadow and make your walls look more cavernous. If you’re looking for something more neutral, consider using two shades of one color.

Consider using a light base coat with darker top coats for even coverage across each wall without having any noticeable lines where they meet each other in an area like this hallway leading into my bedroom where I currently have carpet installed on both floors instead of hardwood floors yet again trying not too much because I’m still learning myself how to do things right.

Experts say to not choose a paint color until you have finished all other major steps in remodeling a bedroom. In understanding how to choose the right paint color for your bedroom, there are also other things to consider including the colors of your ceiling, the lighting in your room, and how it may potentially affect how your colors register in the eyes of people.

Consider the Lighting in Your Room

The light of your bedroom is important to consider when deciding how to choose the right paint color for your bedroom.

Natural light is best, but if you don’t have a lot of natural light, consider adding skylights or another lighting to increase the amount of natural light available in your room. It is also important you look at paint samples at different times of the day. Paint samples look different in natural light, incandescent light, and fluorescent light. They also look different under LED lighting. Incandescent bulbs (usually included with standard lamps) emit bright, warm tones that are often associated with yellowish browns and tans. These types of lamps tend to produce warmer tones than fluorescent lights because they’re more likely to reflect off walls or other surfaces than fluorescent ones do—which makes them appear brighter overall.

Pick Out What You Want Most, and Then Build Around It

When it comes to deciding how to choose the right paint colors for your bedroom, you have a few different options. It is, however, important that you choose the most important thing first and then build around it. Doing this would help to ensure that the areas of your room that you really want to be highlighted would hold more attention whenever someone enters your bedroom.

For example: if you want a light-colored wall in your bedroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money on painting it, you could opt for an inexpensive paint instead of spending more money at a hardware store buying new furniture or other items for the room. This way, when you decide what type of bedding and decorating accessories would look best with your paint color choice (and whether or not they’ll match) there will be less pressure on you and your finances.

Custom Closet Designing

This allows you a lot more flexibility with the colors. In a situation you’ve already decided on the paint color you want for your room and are not interested in switching it, you have the option of touching up other accessories in your room to blend with the paint color you’ve chosen.

If your closet design causes a significant contrast to the paint of your choice, you can consider a custom closet design.

Use the Right Paint

When carrying out a DIY paint job and in the selection phase of what colors to use whether for your home, office, restaurant, or any other commercial building, we might sometimes think everything is possible. However, this may not always be the same and it is important that you know what you are doing even before getting started.

The type of paint required to do your interior house painting is different from those used on the exterior and is equally vastly different from those used on your cars. Say you just got a new auto painting job done on your car and you have some leftover paint that you wish to utilize in painting your room. While this may seem like a rather innocuous idea at first you would most certainly encounter some problems. This is because interior paint is made up of a mix of chemicals and solvents that allow for washing and also resist staining. Experts also advise that substituting interior paint for anything else could cause fire hazards and the fumes from the paint could pose a health risk.

You’ll want to keep this in mind when hiring a painter. Exterior painting companies differ from interior painting ones.

Working With a Professional Painter Or a Painting Company

Deciding on a new color for your bedroom can seem overwhelming especially when there seem to be a lot of options to choose from. You can decide to enlist the services of a professional painter or that of the painting company you decide to work with.

There are, however, several painting companies that offer interior and exterior design. Exterior design companies specialize in the exterior of the house while interior designs are for the inside of the house. Some companies offer both services but it is important to figure out which company you decide to work with.

A painter could also serve as an interior decorator. Since he has been in many homes doing painting and renovating paint jobs, he has a trained eye for what would work and what wouldn’t in your bedroom. He might be able to guide you in making the right color decision for your room.

Parting Thoughts

Finding how to choose the right paint color for your bedroom is a challenge that can be easily avoided. In fact, it is much easier than you might think. All you need is some basic knowledge about different types of colors and how each one impacts our moods.

If you take these tips into consideration when making decisions about what color should go in your own room, then there will be no problem finding something that suits both style and personality perfectly! We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to choose the right color for your bedroom.

When in doubt, you can also ask for help from an expert. You can also contact the architect design firm and framing contractor to offer professional advice on what paint colors best suit the architectural design of your home. If need be, consider contacting excavating contractors in times you’ll need an excavating job done before painting in cases where a deep foundation exists.

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