Repairing Cracks in Concrete Foundation

If you are a homeowner, you understand how cracks in your foundation can be stressful. You could hire a concrete service contractor to come and do the work for you, and with bigger jobs, that may be the smartest option. When it comes to smaller cracks, you may be able to fix the problem yourself by following these steps.

The first thing you want to do is fill the crack with triple-expanding foam. You will hold the can upside down with the nozzle deep into the crack.

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Don’t fill the crack entirely because you need to leave room for the mortar. Anywhere the gap is small, you want to chisel away the cement to make it a little wider.

To make the mortar, you will want to pour the mix into a five-gallon bucket with water, and slowly add it in while mixing. You can also add a bonding agent to the mix to allow the mortar to get a better stick to the wall. Wait five minutes for the mix to set. In the meantime, check to see if any of the foam came out of the crack because you will want to chisel that away. Next, take your mortar mix and cover the entire crack, and smooth with your trowel.

Once this dries, you should have a sealed crack in your foundation! If you need further elaboration on how this process works, call a concrete service contractor or watch the video to learn more!


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