Electrical Repairs for Damaged Romex Wires

Once you discover damages to electrical wires, you must call technicians right away to get the job done right. Electrical repairs are critical, and you can’t do it alone if you have no experience dealing with the wirings.

However, depending on the type of damage, you can most likely perform electrical repairs on your own.

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That’s why in this blog, you’ll get tips for electrical repairs to perform the procedure safely.

* Turning off the Power to Cable

You must also turn off the damaged power cable, whether doing it through the breaker box or by disconnecting the battery. It’s an important step to do electrical repairs safely.

* Determine the Damaged Section

Identify the damaged part, whether it’s only one or multiple wiring within the single sheath. Find out if the copper core of the wiring remains intact, and see whether the metal wiring is fused to another wire. When the shortage happens, a huge amount of electricity would be forced to flow.

* Cutting the Wire

You should also cut the wire before and after the damaged section. Cut about 2 inches of sheathing, just on the two exposed ends of the non-damaged cable.

* Choose the Right Length of Cable

The replacement cable must have the right length and as you cut off the sheathing, make sure the gauge of the replacement cable is just the same as the one that was damaged.


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