Choosing Window Blinds Vs Curtains in Your Home

If you have been looking into your next home project to tackle and landed on your windows, you have probably been looking into window blinds vs curtains in your home. To most people there really wouldn’t be that much of a difference, but once you look more into it, there is. In today’s article and the video below, we will discuss more of that difference and help you find the one you want to choose.

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A huge difference in window blinds and curtains is that blinds are usually made from metal, wood, or plastic. Whereas curtains are usually made from cotton, silk, and polyester. This means that curtains can usually have more intricate designs on them when compared to blinds.

Sound Proofing

If you’re really interested in sound proofing, you should note that because of the gaps between blinds and the materials used, window blinds are a poor soundproofing material. Due to the fact that curtains are made from thicker material and don’t have any gaps, it makes them better for sound proofing.

Light Control

Lastly you should note that in terms of blocking light, blinds are a better blocker because they can open and close, unlike curtains where light can still get through them even when they are covering the window.



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