Tips For Refinishing Hardwood Floors

There are many different reasons to refinish your hardwood floor, whether it be for maintenance or for a different look. If you are trying to refinishing your floor instead of replace it, you can use just a few drops of water to see if the floor resists the water or if it soaks into the top layer. There are a few steps to completing this job, and perhaps using a hardwood refinishing service would be wise in order to be sure of a quality job.

The best hardwood refinishing service will recommend the best solution for your flooring and decide if it needs to be sanded down or not before refinishing. You will want to be sure the rooms you are having the hardwood refinishing service done in are prepared by removing doors, carpet staples, and wall molding.

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You should use different sizes and styles of sandpaper for the best quality results and clean thoroughly after sanding. You may want to have stain applied to your hardwood floor, to change up the color or shade. If not you can have a sealer and finish applied for a smooth and secure finish.

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