Installing Roof Shingles

Have you ever considered doing your own shingle roofing? If so, here are the steps you should take to ensure the job gets done right.

Step 1: Installing the Drip Edge
You’ll want to install a drip edge to keep water away from your fascia and to keep it from getting under your roofing components. If there is no drip edge installed, water can easily get behind your gutters which rots your roof components.

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Water hitting your roof is inevitable so this is a crucial step.

Step 2: Installing Felt
Felt needs to be installed from bottom to the top and it needs to be installed over the drip edge to allow water to flow over the top. This step usually requires more than one person to get it done cleanly. The felt is held down by plastic caps by one person while the other person holds the felt in place.

Step 3: Installing Starter strip
Starter strips are essential for the roof’s water shedding function. Their main purpose is to cover shingle joints at the eaves. Starter strips should have 4-5 nails installed closed to the tar line, but not penetrating the drip edge.

Step 4: Installing the Shingles
The shingles need to be spaced out accordingly in order for them to function properly. They also need to be cut in order to overlap and fit correctly. When putting the shingle pieces together, the aim is to create a nice diagonal that provides the most efficient end result.

When considering shingle roofing, it’s important that you understand all the proper steps required.

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