Your Windows May Be Costing You Money Right Now

Impact windows and doors miami

Good windows will do more than simply protect the interior of the house from the elements. After all, that is a pretty low bar to set with the advancements that have been made in exterior design. Windows and doors can now be energy efficient, noise minimizing, and resist damage from hurricane winds. Obviously, the hurricane windows and doors are more of a top priority for those people who live in certain regions, but everyone appreciates saving money on their energy bills.

So How Much Can You Save, Exactly?

Windows and doors (when made of more glass than wood) can give us a great view of our lawns, or perhaps more scenic landscapes for those lucky few. Glass is synonymous with fragility; it is known to be thin. That thinness translates to a crystal clear view, it is true. But it also allows the temperature on either side of the glass to easily transfer to the other. Think of a sunny day in the summer. If you stood by your windows and doors for a few moments you would notice that the air feels warmer a few inches from the glass. The hot rays of sunlight are heating up your windows and doors; thin windows offer no protection from the warm rays.

Are you still wondering how much money you might have been losing over the years? The company Energy-Star’s certified energy efficient windows have been known to lower energy bills between seven and 15%. Not too bad, considering that on a $100 monthly bill, that could add up to $180 each year. Keep in mind that upgraded windows and doors can last about 20 years, that is $3,600 over the life of the upgrade.

What To Know About Quality Impact Windows.

You have three main options concerning impact windows: they can be made with wood, aluminum, or vinyl. It is best to look for quality windows that can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour. To put that into perspective, a Category five is anything over 156 miles per hour. The last hurricane to reach those speeds was Hurricane Wilma in 2005. So while it is an unlikely occurrence, it is always wise to be prepared.

The windows and doors are the weakest points in the home’s structure. But you can still make sure they are as strong as windows can be, if necessary. And if you are thinking of upgrading your windows, why not make them the kind that will actually save you money over their lifespan?

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