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Why People Are Increasingly Choosing Metal Roofing for Their Homes

If you’re replacing your roof, you might consider getting a metal roof installed. But how much does a new tin roof cost? You should talk to a residential roofer in order to get an accurate quote for your area. While you could get an answer to how much does it cost for a steel roof from other sources, they might not be accurate. A roofer can look at your home, consider the price of materials and labor, then give you a more detailed answer. This will help you plan out your budget.

How do I estimate the cost of a metal roof? You can start by finding the average cost online. From there, you can also ask more detailed questions on forums or to a company in your area. If you’re looking at a specific type, make sure you mention that. If you want to find out how much does an Erie metal roof cost, you should know it might be different from the average? Regardless, buying a new roof is an investment, so make sure you consider how you want to pay for it.

One new area of roofing that is becoming increasingly more popular is metal roofing, both for commercial roofs and residential roofs. Metal roof companies can boast an impressive list of reasons why consumers should be choosing metal roofs instead of more traditional roofs, like slate, shingles, or tile. And although some homeowners might be skeptical about the way a metal roof will look on their home, a metal roof can give a home a unique and modern twist, while also being functional and cost-effective at the same time! For commercial roofing, a metal roof makes sense for the price and how durable it promises to be. Additionally, many commercial areas like warehouses or more industrial spaces don’t have to worry so much about the aesthetic of their space, but simply how functional it is.

Why Choose a Metal Roof Over A More Traditional Roofing Material?

Metal roof companies may tell you that a metal roof is going to be more durable than a more traditional roof, for a number of reasons. For one, some metal roofing has an aluminum-zinc alloy, which could potentially let the roof last for up to 100 years. On average, a metal roof will last anywhere from three to seven times longer than a roof shingled with asphalt. There’s no damage of rot or strong winds damaging the roofing on your home. Indeed, it’s been shown that a metal roof can help protect a home from significant damage. They have a wind rating of 140 miles per hour.

Although it seems a bit counterintuitive, a metal roof — even made from an expensive type of metal, like copper, zinc, or stainless steel — will still run you around 30% less than a cheap slate or tile roof. And because of their long lifespans, it’s doubtful that you would have to do much upkeep or think about replacing the roof again as long as you were the owners of the home.

If you’re considering a metal roof for your home, you’re making a bold and fairly unique choice! Your home will certainly stand out a little more. Plus, you have more choice in terms of color — there are way more color options than compared with asphalt shingled roofs, which only have between 15-20 standard colors.

Environmentally Friendly
When you use metal for your roof, know that between 30-60% of the material for your roof comes from recycled metal content. Even better, when you have to replace your metal roof, 100% of your roof will be recyclable and can be repurposed into something else. Using a metal roof can also help cut your yearly home energy bill in half!

What Should I Know About Metal Roofing?
First of all, there are generally two styles of roofing that metal roof companies will offer: vertically paneled roofs and interlocking shingles. They’re usually made from steel, aluminum, or an alloy. However, even though there are only two predominant styles, like mentioned before, there is a veritable rainbow of colors you can choose from. Modern metal roofs can have over 100 different colors to choose from, including standard, premium, and even customized colors.
If you treat your metal roof well, it could last for well over 50 years, with some roofs lasting as long as 100 years. You should recoat your roof fairly regularly to ensure corroding doesn’t happen, which could be a pricy repair– although zinc, copper, and stainless steel roofing is pretty durable and won’t need that much upkeep, as compared to the upkeep needed with asphalt or tile roofs.
Metal roofing can be a good option if you live in tempestuous weather. As mentioned before, it can withstand heavy winds and some metal roofs all come fire-rated and even hail-rated! A metal roof can give you and your family some peace of mind if you live in areas that are prone to fires, extreme hail, or strong winds.
It’s no surprise that metal roof companies are experiencing an increase in business, given all the benefits of choosing a metal roof. Try one if you’re replacing your roof today!


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