Why Replacing Your Windows and Doors Can Save You Money

Are you looking to give your home an upgrade while also saving money? If so, then you should consider replacing your windows and doors. Did you know that about 30% of your home’s energy could be lost through your windows? That is why getting yourself a set of energy-efficient replacement windows is a must for your renovation. Tune in to watch this video to find out what windows and doors are energy efficient for your home.

Finding the right windows for your home can feel overwhelming. Believe it or not, every window has a label that states its overall energy performance.

Video Source

It will show the U factor and the solar heat gain coefficient.

The U factor is used to show how well the window can keep heat inside. The lower numbers will resist the most heat loss. The solar heat gain coefficient determines how well your window can keep out the heat. If the number is lower, then less heat will be let in through the windows. So, when picking out your next set of residential windows, you will be more aware of what kind of windows you are purchasing and how much heat they will resist and let in. Continue watching the video to learn more about energy-efficient windows and doors!

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