What is Gravel and How Can I Use It?

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What can I use gravel for? If you?ve ever asked yourself this question, then read on to learn all about gravel and what you can do with it!

What is Gravel?

Basically, gravel, like other landscaping rocks, is a kind of stone that comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. It can be either complete rocks or rock fragments, and while many sized of gravel are available, each type of gravel will be fairly consistent in size. Gravel generally has a smooth texture, unlike crushed stone.

What Is Pea Gravel?

The question ?what can I use gravel for?? depends on what type you get and what sort of landscaping you have room, time, and interest in. One common type of gravel is known as pea gravel. As might be expected, pea gravel is the size of a pea. It is generally very smooth and highly prized for the many natural colors it comes in, including yellow, gold, white, and grey.

What Can I Use Gravel For: Pea Gravel

Pea gravel can be used to decorate the bottom of aquariums. It’s also great for gardening projects, where it helps to make gardens look more natural. About six inches is ideal for gardening projects. Pea gravel is also great for improving driveways, for use in artificial fountains, and for children?s playgrounds, where it allows water to drain easily.

What is River Gravel?

Also known as egg rock, river gravel is a bit bigger than pea gravel and comes in browns, whites, and tans. It is popular for its smoothness and is usually about one to two inches in diameter. It’s valued for its rustic look.

What Can I Use Gravel For: River Rock

There are many possible uses for river rock. River rocks are not easy to walk on, so they generally don?t make good pathways or playground material. It makes a lovely rustic driveway surface, however, and is excellent for landscaping garden beds. Using it in a garden ensures that rain soaks through to the roots.

Is Gravel Better or Worse Than Crushed Stone?

It?s neither! It is simply different. Gravel, even crushed gravel, tends to be softer to the touch and comes in more colors than crushed stone, which usually has a neutral white or gray look. Gravel will also have a more consistent shape than crushed stone. Crushed stone is used for underground projects, and as back fill or for drainage solutions. It is also used to decorate walkways. Pea gravel is more useful for above ground projects.

How Do I Choose?

The most important issue is to understand how the size of the gravel will affect your project. Pea gravel, for example, is too small to move around easily if it was not edged properly. Crushed rock or larger river gravel will be uncomfortable to walk on. Pea gravel retains heat more than larger pieces of rock, and this can be bad for certain plants. Some sizes of gravel are easier to walk on, while other sizes are more ideal for cars.

Gravel of all kinds can perfect a home landscaping projects, make a great walkway or driveway, and be the perfect material for a children?s playground. Drainage gravel can improve gardens and lawns. Decide what size and color are right for you needs, and then find gravel delivery services in your area to help you create the perfect home project!

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