What Are Ceiling Dome Kits?

This video shows a new way to add a ceiling dome kit to entryways, bathrooms, and powder rooms. This video talks about the universal ceiling dome kit which is a tool contractors have been using since 1988. Now, it is available for homeowners to do it themselves.

Video Source

The video goes one to show how to take a standard, boring ceiling and transform it with a dome kit. First, the video shows all of the ways a dome kit can be used. No matter if you are focused on new construction or a remodel, the kit can be adapted to fit your needs. It can be installed flush with the ceiling in the attic space or you can frame down 18 inches to install below the current ceiling. This video shows the framing down from the ceiling option.

This kit can also be used in kitchens, breakfast nooks, and dining rooms. The next step is to understand the light framing steps, which is outline in the instruction manual. The video shows how to handle all of the framing below the current ceiling.

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