Garage Door Panel Repair

If you have dents or breaks in your garage door, it’s time you consider doing some garage door repair. Whether it was damage from an unexpected impact or from bad weather, here is how you should go about your garage door repair.

Completely replacing a garage door can cost upwards of $1000 so it is more sensible to repair the existing door if possible.

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Using wood panels to support bent or misshaped panels is a cost effective way to alleviate the damage. Although a method like this isn’t as reliable as hiring a garage door repair company, it can be a good substitute until you are able to fully repair the damage.

When a garage door is broken it usually means there are issues with its opening and closing mechanisms. Placing a 1×2 wood panel along the part that is causing the issues can help with these problems. Fastening the wood panel with duct tape can hold it in place well enough to help with the opening and closing of the garage door. Although a 1×2 piece of wood and duct tape can provide a short term solution for your garage door repair, it is important to contact experts for long term repair.

Make sure you get into contact with a garage door repair expert in order to fully understand what your garage door needs.


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