DIY Lawn Care Tips

Do you have a lawn that requires fertilizing services? Here are some valuable tips from a professional to get the most out of your fertilizing.

More is Not Better With Fertilizer
Fertilizer that you start using cannot be stored overnight so it is important to intentionally short yourself in order to prevent wasted fertilizer. This way you can add just the right amount of material to wrap up the job without wasting any excess fertilizer.

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Starting your fertilizer job close to your source of fertilizer is a good way to spread the fertilizer without losing your place on the lawn. Carrying around a heavy bag of fertilizer is inefficient and makes the job take far longer.

Outline the Property You are Working On
This is a crucial step to avoid getting fertilizer on hard surfaces. If you do get fertilizer on hard surfaces such as driveway or sidewalk, it will most likely stain which is something you want to avoid.

Evenly Covering the Inner Field
When applying fertilizer, a good method to use is to make sure the spread of the fertilizer lands in the tire tracks of your previous pass. This allows for an even spread all throughout the field.

If you are unsure about the process of fertilizing a green space, contact your local fertilizer services provider with any questions.


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