Tips For Privacy Fence Installation

Looking for more privacy in your backyard? Trying to get some much-needed space from your nosey neighbors? It might be time to consider a privacy fence installation behind your house.

When first beginning this DIY project, make sure that you know where all of your underground utilities are located to avoid potential damage, both to your land and your bank account! Now that you’re sure of where your utilities are you can begin installing your fence post. It is very important that you make sure that you are burying your fence posts deep enough into the ground to ensure stability.

When building a fence, it is recommended to create your own panels rather than using store-bought ones.

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This ensures that your fence will properly contour to the ground of your backyard, rather than being a one size fits all solution from a local hardware store. If you choose to install a door on your fence, use steel hardware and frames rather than a wood frame.

After spending hours of labor and love on building your own private fence, it is best to stain and seal your fence for increased longevity. This simple step will transform the look of your backyard and will give the illusion of a professionally crafted fence.

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