The Most Important Reasons You Should Recycle Trash

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Trash is something we all accumulate in society, but unfortunately there has not been any better solution on how to handle it. Landfills become fuller everyday with mountains of garbage and waste. A person in their lifetime will throw away up to 600 times their weight in garbage, which will be sent away to landfills. While there is no efficient solution yet to the world’s ever growing trash problems, that does not mean that people should not do what they can to help. This is why recycling is around, and should be taken advantage of.

Keeping our world clean is too big of a priority to ignore. Trash should not be a simple write off, and should have thought put into it. Society normalizes being wasteful and not giving any thought to where garbage goes, and how it is handled once it is out of your own hands. Instead, recycling should be normalized and being conscientious of what happens to trash should be sensationalized. It is not a privileged thing to do, as it costs only $30 to recycle a ton of garbage, compared to $50 to send it off to a landfill.

Recycling bins can be purchased, and are the same price as any garbage bin. They can even be made out of regular bins, all you need to do is paint on the proper symbol or color designated by a recycling pick up. All you really need to do is sort out your trash depending on the material, it’s simple.

Your waste will be recycled into other materials. We’ve all seen packages and boxes made out of recycled paper. Plastic materials are melted down and made into other plastic products. Glass is also crushed and melted to make other glass containers. Generally all of your waste will be used to make the same thing again. Almost anything you throw away can be taken in and made into something else. Clothes and textiles are a giant example of this, as they can be used to make furniture stuffing. It is also common for textiles to be reduced enough to make other fabrics. People recycling cardboard, up to one ton, will help free up 9 cubic yards of landfill space. If more people recycled, we wouldn’t have to worry about where we’ll put trash next.

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