Can Bathroom Lighting Be Both Functional and Flattering?

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The company Houzz surveyed homeowners in 2016 and found that 46% of participants believed great lighting was a vital feature in any master bathroom. Yet, the bathroom can be a difficult room to light beautifully. While this is one room in the house that most homeowners treat in a utilitarian manner, it is worth noting that this is also the one room where we take the time to beautify ourselves. Should it not then be lighted with care?

In room lighting, there are three main types: ambient, task, and accent. The best effect might be achieved if at least two methods are used. Before heading to one of your nearest lighting stores where you might find Fontana Arte lighting or George Kovac lighting and become confused with which one you should choose, there are a few things about illuminating the bathroom that you should know.

Ambient lighting is the soft, everyday lighting that can best be likened to “natural light,” or that which gives a similar effect to sunlight shining through a window. The effect is natural, but flat. Sometimes it is called mood lighting, because this softer glow is more flattering to faces as it does not shine directly from above and cause unflattering shadows.

Accent lighting, on the other hand, does shine directly on chosen objects with the intent of creating a spot light effect. In a home, objects you would like to showcase will get this special treatment. A lovely picture, or vase of flowers, or even a sculpture will benefit from a beam of light turning the object into a focal point in the room.

This method can even be used during the holidays if your home has special decorations you would like to showcase. It is important to note that while an accent light acts as a spotlight, it is actually a relatively small beam of light. It adds an elegant feel to any home.

Task lighting is when a light is used with the purpose of assisting with a task. Think of a desk lamp, or an adjustable floor lamp over an armchair. This lighting is meant to be primarily functional. However, the means in which a work area is lighted, meaning the design of the lamp, can be decorative.

The question then becomes which light will work best for a bathroom. One may seem better than the other two, when in truth, any of the lighting styles can be used to better or worser effect. Depending on the design style you prefer, you might choose George Kovacs bathroom lighting for a sleek look, or perhaps you’ll choose Fontana Arte if the bathroom has a distinctly Italian Old World design style. Maybe Holtkotter lighting, with its Bauhaus-inspired design principals will give you inspiration.

Whether you choose George Kovacs bathroom lighting or Holtkotter, the essential design element you must remember is to mix the lighting styles. A task light shining down at an angle will cause unflattering shadows to form beneath your eyes. Ambient lighting may prove to flattering, however that flat light may not be enough for your bathroom ablutions.

Sconces can be a good compromise when trying to find the best lighting. For example, George Kovacs bathroom lighting has a contemporary design line, with a noted opacity that favors rectangular elements. This means it would work very well within a bathroom that favors rectangular accents in the decoration.

Lighting a bathroom can be tricky, as balancing necessity and vanity can be a fine line. Before heading to a lighting store, take a moment to envision the type of bathroom you would love. Do you favor sleek, contemporary lines? Or does Old World-charm appeal to you?

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