The Average Home Spends Over 50% Of Its Energy Usage On Heating And Cooling How To Save Money

The hot season is in full gear. Is your air conditioning unit up to the task?

Heating and cooling are some of the biggest drains on the average American energy bill. They’re also an unavoidable part of a comfortable home. This even extends to the building construction company and small business that needs to keep the air clean on a constant basis. When you’re noticing a spike in your energy bill, or just want to make sure you’re not losing more money than you’re making, it’s time to contact your local air conditioning services. They can make some keen recommendations on your situation and figure out whether or not you need a new installation or some simple repairs.

Furnace, boiler or air conditioner, your local contractor can handle it all.

Energy Consumption In The United States

Whether you’re a building construction company trying to save on costs or a home being faced with the frustration of an outdated system, energy usage is a common conversation. It’s estimated two-thirds of all homes in the country have air conditioners. The most common heating fuel is also natural gas, accounting for nearly 60% of households in the United States. To date air conditioners cost American homeowners a collective total of $11 billion every single year. How can you make sure your building construction company, small business or home is using its energy to peak efficiency?


A new installation might be in order. How is your furnace doing lately? While it’ll be another few months before the weather starts to get colder, preparing now will save you some trouble down the road. Furnaces last anywhere from 15 to 18 years, depending on their model and how well you’ve taken care of them. Modern gas furnaces are gauged by their energy efficiency, making it easy to figure out what your home needs to stay warm. The lowest allowed efficiency is just under 80%, with some of the newer models reaching as high as 95%.


Perhaps it’s your boiler in need of commercial construction services. Unlike furnaces boilers have a much more varied lifespan. They can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending, and can drain your energy or provide you the perfect balance between output and input. High efficiency heating systems on the whole have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (or AFUE) of 90% to 95%. It’s thought heating and cooling account for almost half of the energy usage in a typical household. A new Joe Nelson boiler installation can be the one thing standing between you and more money lost over the months.

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning unit is facing a lot of strain this summer. You keep it on nearly every day for hours on end, increasing the possibility you’ll need a new installation or check-up. There are a few things you can try before committing to a new installation. Duct losses have been found to account for 30% of energy consumption for a space, sometimes more. Your filters also need to be changed every one to three months in order to keep the air clean. When your building construction company is starting to show strain, asking experienced professionals for their thoughts will save everyone a lot of frustration.

Choosing A Contractor

Commercial boilers, furnaces and air conditioning units are better than they’ve ever been. A quick check-up can be all you need to spot a leaky duct or dirty filter. Other times, though, a new installation will set you up for constant savings over the years. Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners, as well as taking other actions to keep your home cool, can reduce your energy usage by 20%. Sometimes even higher. When you’ve got enough things to pay for in any given year, giving your energy usage a critical eye now will really pay off in the future.

Summer’s only getting hotter. How can an expert HVAC service help you keep your cool?

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