Why You Should Protect Your Hardwood Floors

You take your floor for granted, walking all over it and expecting it will always hold you up and protect you and your family. If you’ve got hardwood floors, though, whether it’s just for preference and beauty or to increase the value of your home, you need to be thinking, “Why should I protect my floors?” If you want to protect your investment, keep your floors holding you up, and enjoy looking at them for years to come, you need to consider the ideal paint for hardwood floors, the ideal treatment for hardwood floors, and what you can do every day to protect your flooring.

  • Why should I protect my floors: because moisture is a killer. When you think about the wet and your floor, you’re probably most concerned about things that get spilled on it from above. And while that’s definitely something to avoid (and to clean up immediately if it happens) your floor can get moisture damage from more than just the toddler’s sippy cup. Changes in humidity levels in the summer can destroy your floor, even if you use air conditioning. Dry air in the winter can cause wood to pull apart at the seams. Do everything you can to keep humidity levels as constant as possible in your home. If you see places where the wood is cupping, or dipping in an unnatural manner, this could be humidity or even a plumbing leak. Have it checked out immediately, and replace the wooden plank if it’s bad enough.
  • Why should I protect my floors: because it’s cheaper to do it right the first time. You may be asking yourself, “Do I need varnish?” You might be hoping to get away with cheap treatments and clear coat for painted wood. Don’t do this. Get the right kind of stain, paint, varnish, and everything else your manufacturer recommends. There are some great anti slip paint choices out there if you want to keep the kids safer as they run around. You can get low VOC paint and varnish, too. But the right paint, varnish, or stain are the ones that are best for your floor. Find out what your floor needs and do it right the first time. It’ll save you money and angst in the future.
  • Why should I protect my floors: because it takes a beating from day one. Your family runs all over it. The dog’s claws sink into it when he tries to bury his bone under the couch. The furniture and chair legs scratch it. To protect your hardwood floor for years to come, don’t wear shoes in the house–especially high heels and cleats. This not only means less chance of shoes damaging the floor, but it also means there’s less dirt and sand to get snagged under things and scratch up your floors. If you have pets, make sure you keep nails trimmed and smoothed. Felt pads under furniture will also keep your floor protected, and for high traffic areas like the hallway, get a rug.
  • Why should I protect my floors: because cleaning is easier when it’s a habit. You could wait until the mess becomes catastrophic: or you could do a little on a regular basis. Invest in something to sweep up the dirt. A robotic broom won’t be enough by itself, but it will mean that you have to sweep yourself a lot less often. Make sure you vacuum only with the right attachment and don’t mop. Only use cleaners that are safe for hardwood floors, and then only sparingly. Every five to seven years you should plan to sand and recoat the floors.

Your floors protect you and are a serious investment in the value of your home. Protect them back by taking good care of them.
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