Regularly Clean Carpets to Keep the Air in Your Home Clean

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Traditionally, red carpets were used to mark the ceremonial and formal routes of leaders, politicians, and today, celebrities. The first reference to a “red carpet” actually dates all the way back to 458 B.C. and was in Agamemnon by Aeschylus. Though they still have their role, most consumers care more about the carpets in their homes, and less about the paths of royalty. Because of that, cleaning carpets is a regular task for most every homeowner who wants to make sure that their living spaces are clean and fresh. And, if they have busy schedules, they might even hire carpet cleaning companies to handle the labor.

Perhaps the most important tool when it comes to cleaning carpets is the vacuum cleaner. Contemporary models look nothing like their predecessors, though they are based on the 1699 invention of a street-sweeping machine by Edmund Helming. Scientists believe that 43 million tons of dust falls over the U.S. every year, and indoor spaces are have twice as much dust in the air as the outdoors. On top of that, some 2,000 dust mites can thrive on just an ounce of carpet dust. So regular vacuuming is smart for homeowners who want to keep the air in their home clean.

Vacuuming and cleaning carpets might be particularly important in the homes of people who smoke regularly. Smoking might give homes a particular smell, but carcinogens from cigarettes can also accumulate in carpets. Most dogs and cats, not to mention many children and infants, spend lots of time on or near the floor and could inhale them. That could lead to a number of serious health problems like lung cancer. As a result, professional carpet cleaning might be a necessity for smokers who don’t want their carpets to be a health risk.

Of course, carpets are not the only area that homeowners should focus on when they want to keep the air in their home clean. In addition, they should think about ductwork cleaning to make sure heating and AC units are not spreading dust and debris throughout a home. Changing filters and having professionals make sure ducts are clean can go a long way towards keeping the air in a home fresh.

In the average home, carpets are not usually used for special events or for royalty. Though kids and pets alike might walk around like kings and queens of their home, carpets are generally used for a nice combination of a cozy design and making rooms more comfortable. However, without keeping them clean, homeowners might find that carpets do more harm than good. Read more blogs like this.

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