Is Home Heating Oil More Effective Than Gas?

If you’re considering changing the way you heat your house, it’s possible that you’ve done a little bit of research on home heating oil. At first glance, oil might seem like a dangerous way to heat your home. Fortunately, that’s not true! Here’s what you need to know about heating your home with residential heating oil.

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The first thing you need to know about home heating oil is how convenient it is. One of the biggest reasons that this product is so popular is that it can be delivered almost anywhere. In addition, there’s no need to have any kind of pipeline installed. Instead, a truck will simply come to deliver the oil to your house and fill up your oil tank for you. Convenience is really one of the best reasons to consider this type of heating fuel.

Another reason heating oil is popular is the safety aspect. This oil is not nearly as susceptible to fire as traditional heating gas. The way that heating oil works to actually heat your home is simple. Instead of a pilot light, small electrodes will serve as small spark plugs that ignite the oil and help it heat your home.


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