Sewer Blowouts and How They Work

For many homeowners, having any home issues can be disappointing. One issue that many homes may have is a septic clog. The septic is the main way that waste leaves your home and when it’s clogged, it can result in a backup. This can lead to waste finding its way back into your home. When an issue like this comes up, you need to call a company for sewer cleaning. How does sewer cleaning work though? Most of the battle is locating where the main clog is.

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This will help the company to determine the best place to set up their equipment. Once the equipment is set up, they use a hose to force water through the blockage to get the waste flowing again. Not every blockage can be unclogged with a hose though. In many instances, a probe is required to move the waste around and separate it. Once the clog is pushed through, a test flush is required to make sure the line is clear. This can be from any home that utilizes that sewer line. It’s also a helpful step to go further down the sewer line and make sure the waste has properly broken up.

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