How to Restore Color to Pavers

If you have dull pavers and you would like to restore them by dying them, then this video is just for you. When restoring pavers, you need to assess the surrounding pavers and figure out if all the pavers need the same treatment.

As shown in the video, some pavers may look old while some still look fairly new. When you have come to a conclusion about what exactly needs to be done, you can begin to prep the pavers by cleaning them.

Video Source

The cleaning process not only cleans the surface by removing all the dirt on it, but it also opens up its pores to allow the product to work its way into the pavers. In the video, the older pavers are dyed and the newer ones will have clear protection applied on them. By doing these two applications, the new and old pavers will blend well together and look new.

The video also shows some side-by-side comparisons of what an old paver looks like and what it looks like after it has been coated with a sealer.

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