Get to Know Concrete Pool Installation

In a video, “4 Things You Should Know About Concrete Pools”, Christian from River Pools, one of the pool installation companies, explains how a concrete pool is installed and how it compares to the other two types of pools available.

Pool installation companies take three to six months to install a concrete pool because there are four installation stages. It is a messy, drawn-out process that includes digging the hole, setting the steel, installing plumbing, shooting the concrete to form the tank, plastering it, and finally completing the landscaping. Curing the concrete takes the longest time.

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However, the concrete pool is one of the most durable installations and only needs resurfacing every ten years.

Christian goes on to mention vinyl and fiberglass pools as alternatives to concrete pools. Both these types can be installed by pool installation companies in a far shorter time, which you may want to consider when deciding what type of pool you want to install.

Installing a fiberglass pool can be done in just two days after the excavation. The pool shell is manufactured off-site under controlled conditions and delivered fully assembled. All that needs to be done is to place the shell into the excavated hole, connect to the water source and complete the landscaping around the pool.

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