Mounting a Barn Door in Your Home

Using a barn door for your bedroom or bathroom is a new, fun interior design choice that many are making. Some master bathroom remodels can cost an average of $11,700, according to a study done by Houzz. Mounting a barn door can elevate your home and, with the instructions in this video, is easy to do.

You will want to start your mounting project by picking out materials.

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This will include barn door hardware like rollers and handles. Decide on the colors for hardware and wood. You might need furniture wood stain or furniture paint if you cannot find the best color. Start with one coat, wait for it to dry, and then see if you would like to add another.

Make sure to level your door how it will hang outside the doorway. This will eliminate the chance of the door hitting or scraping the door frame. Pre-drill the location of the mounting board to work faster when you do the final drilling. You want to use your level again to ensure everything is placed evenly. Use wall spacers to eliminate any chance of the barn door hitting your wall.

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