Tips for Planting Annuals

Gardening is a great way to brighten up your home landscape. Planting annuals can be a fun way to keep up with your flower garden. It has been found that 14% of resale value can be added to your home just by paying attention to the landscaping. What do you need to know about planting annuals before you begin?

You might start with an online search for annuals near me. This will help you find a local florist or nursery center that sells seeds.

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Annuals have a short life cycle and they only bloom for one year. This is different from perennials, which typically bloom on a yearly basis. Planting annuals will give you the ability to change out what flowers are blooming in your garden.

Annuals also do not require much maintenance. They will bloom beautifully and for a short time. Then you can change them out and pick a new color. Ask your local garden center for tips on what annual flowers will be good for the current season. Do not be afraid to have fun with your flower. Having both annuals and perennials will make your garden beautiful!


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