Five Ways to Upgrade Your HVAC

HVAC systems are great. However, you can get even more out of HVAC system. In this video, you will learn five ways to improve your HVAC. If you would like to implement any of these ideas for your own HVAC system, contact your local HVAC company.

The first way to improve your HVAC system is a UV light. In fact, there could be one UV bulb on each side of the evaporator coil for a total of two.

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The second thing is a home house filter that is at least four inches thick. These filters will help remove particulates and keep the evaporator coil clean. These heavy-duty filters can also last up to twelve months. The third improvement is an ionizer. An ionizer will ionize the air killing any mold. The fourth improvement is a humidity controlling device. It will also prevent things from growing and will make your home more comfortable which can lead to cost savings. This is because it saves money on cooling and and protects the wood in your house. Lastly, every HVAC system should have surge protection. Electrical surges can be deadly to HVAC systems so this precaution could end up saving you lots of money in the end.


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