How to Clean Your Ducted Air Conditioner

Since spring cleaning is finally here, it’s time to take out your duster and get to work on your home! Dust those hard-to-reach shelves and picture frames, but don’t forget about your air conditioner as well! Several homeowners don’t think that their air conditioners require as much maintenance as they really do, but in order to keep your air conditioning services fresh and clean, cleaning the filter is a must. To get you started, this video shows how to clean your air filter if you use an air duct system.

First of all, you should always put safety first when cleaning your air filter. Since air grills are usually located in the ceiling, make sure you are confident climbing a ladder.

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Ensure that the ground you are climbing on is level, and having an extra hand will make the process easier and more comfortable. Once you have unscrewed the grill, it will open on a hinge. Simply reach in and take out the filter with your hands. Bring it outside and hose it off to get rid of dust particles trapped in the filter. Replace it again, and you’ve completed a vital step in your home’s spring cleaning!


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