DIY Clogged Drain Repairs

Slow sink drains are a nuisance for any homeowner, but they aren’t such a big project that they can’t be handled without professional support. Before you call a plumber, you can try to do a DIY clogged drain repair as long as you have a few standard tools. The video posted below can teach you everything you need to know about this project.

Video Source

You really don’t need much to get started. You need to have access to the plumbing directly under your sink before you can get started. It’s a good idea to place a waterproof container directly under the plumbing you’re about to work on. You should also turn off the water to that section of the plumbing, just in case something goes wrong. You’ll be working with the drain lines, not the pressurized supply lines, so this isn’t essential — it’s just a precaution.

Once you have safe access to the plumbing under the sink, you just need to use a large pair of slip-joint pliers to remove the plumbing trap. This will give you access to the pipes that are more likely to be clogged. Simply remove anything clogging them and throw it away before reattaching the trap.


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