Facts On Air Conditioning Units


The world of heating and cooling can be quite complex and that is why HVAC technicians will make an average salary of just about $60,000 per year. As time goes on, more and more homeowners in the United States are falling in line with the idea of trying to build energy efficient houses and energy efficient homes. People want to save money on their appliances that are used and do not want to lose money on wasting heating and cooling.

In order to make sure money is not wasted in this way, people will hire in furnace repair contractors for furnace installation and all types of heating repair. On the other hand, people will also hire in air conditioning companies to help them install a central air conditioning unit as well as to help with air conditioning installation and air conditioning maintenance.

Getting the most out of an air conditioning unit is important and some of this will deal directly with AC repair, air conditioner installation and also ac maintenance all throughout the year. However, there are also aspects of running an efficient and proper air conditioning unit that deals with the infrastructure of your house and that is hard to understand and analyze if you are not an expert. Here all of the facts about installing and maintaining an efficient air conditioning unit.

Just about 75% of all calls in the winter to heating and cooling companies with complaints of not having heat deal directly with a lack of maintenance done to the furnace, according to many of the heating and cooling experts that work in the field. This means that people are liable to lose out on their furnace and all heat during the winter simply because they did not pay an HVAC contractor to come and work on their furnace.

Whenever a homeowner lowers their thermostat by two degrees they can easily save just about 5% of all of their heating costs. This can help homeowners a lot, even though 5% does not seem like a high number but it can definitely help the average homeowner on their bills if they can save that 5% and put it elsewhere. So a homeowner should stay on top of their thermostat in terms of understanding how hot they need their house to be.

Right now just about two-thirds of all homes inside of the United States have air conditioners inside of them. This means that a large number of homeowners own air conditioners, but it does not mean that they properly care for these air conditioning units. Most boilers will last anywhere between 15 and 30 years but they can only last up to thirty years if they are properly taken care of by a professional.

Understand that studies have been conducted recently that have revealed that by the year 2030, most air conditioner companies are going to install almost 700 million AC units in the United States. Anytime a furnace has an efficiency rating that is between 90% and 95%, it is believed to be highly-efficient, so the average homeowner should keep an eye out for this type of rating when buying a furnace or air conditioning unit.

Just about 25% of all of a home’s heat can easily be lost through small cracks and holes. This means that the infrastructure of a house is something that can cost a homeowner some solid money in terms of energy efficiency. Keep in mind that if air leaks from ducts, it can take 40% of all of the energy out of even a well-operating air conditioning unit.

In Conclusion
There is no better time to buy an air conditioning unit than right now. This is because statistics have proven that air conditioners of the modern day and age use nearly half of the energy they once used in the 90’s. So thanks to a lot of the developments in the world of technology, air conditioning units are much more reliable and efficient in terms of energy. Not only will air conditioning units cost less as a whole, they will cost less in terms of the energy they use as well.

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