Essential Roofing Terms

Just like any other field, roofing construction also has its set of terminologies that all roofers should know. In fact, even homeowners need to know these as they are important when trying to check on something that’s wrong on the roof or when there is a roofing project.

If you ever contracted local roofing companies, you probably heard about words such as squares, decking, shingles, gutter, and many more. These are essential parts of your home’s roof that you need to be able to identify, especially when there are troubles or maintenance jobs that need to be done.

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Apart from knowing the meaning behind these terminologies, understanding why they are parts of your roofing will also help in making the information useful for you. While you can contact local roofing companies to diagnose the problem on your roof, it will also help to have at least the fundamental knowledge on these parts and roofing jargon so you can check on your own if the work being done is correct and really necessary.

If you are looking for a quick and simple guide on this know-how, this video will surely aid you in understanding the terminologies.

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