Installing a Garage Door

Do you want a more secure place for your stuff and vehicle? Perhaps you want to know some tips about garage door install, so you don’t have to hire a professional. Here are the quick tips about garage door install.

1. Prepare the Door Panel

Make sure all the panels come with a rubber gasket.

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The panels should be in order to make it easier for you to work on. Of course, you also need to prepare all the parts needed.

2. Attaching the Bracket

Each panel should come with a bracket on each corner along with the hinge at each corner – it’s where you will put the rollers once you attach the panel in the opening.

3. Get all the Hardware Lined Up

Using a drill, make a hole where you need to put the hardware on. Don’t over tighten it, and always identify which holes you will need on both ends of the panels.

4. Attaching the Panels

Once you’re done with all parts for each panel, you can start with attaching it to the door.

The opening should be framed and finished well for the door. This should be done before attaching the door, and you’re all to get the garage door done.

5. Putting the Rollers

The rollers should be put on the hinges you installed earlier. Double-check each door panel if it’s centred.


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