Electrical Wiring Basics All Homeowners Should Know

When you own a home, it is always good to have some basic knowledge of electrical wiring. Whether there is a power outage or a major issue, it is always good to be prepared. In case of emergencies, you can always rely on a residential electrician.

It is good to know where your power source is and where it is spreading electricity around the house.

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The power source is usually connected to power boxes with a power wire. These power boxes spread the power around the house. Whether it will be for power switches, lights, or sockets, it is their job to provide power everywhere in the house.

Each of these boxes has three wires – black, white, and green. The black wire is divided into a couple of other wires. Thus, one black power wire is responsible for a couple of lights, the other black wire for another group of lights. The green and the white power wires are providing power to the plugs along with the black wires.

All of these power wires are connected to the main power consumer sockets. Thus, that way all the devices in the house are secured and constantly provided with power.

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