Building a Cedar Fence DIY

Cedar is popular due to its durability. It can withstand season by season and any weather conditions. Cedar fence is a great way to protect your privacy. It can also help you control the temperature and sounds in the surroundings. So if you want warmer surroundings in winter and a cooler breeze during the summer season.

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A cedar privacy fence can last up to 30 years longer if you properly take good care of it. It is also insect repellant, so you don’t have to worry about termites and pests.

Here are some guides on to install Cedar Fence from a professional cedar fence contractor.

Step 1
Gather all your materials. Make sure to have a fencing kit, stakes, and strings, tape measure, tornado level, a hole digger, galvanized brad nails, and everything that can help you do the fencing better.

Step 2
Measure and mark every corner nicely. Make sure you are cutting it correctly up to the edge. Connect the woods by putting an adhesive glue to make them stick together.

Step 3
After putting a glue, nail the wood to wood. Ensure to nail them all, one on the top and one at the bottom. Repeat the process until finished.

Tip: Choose a wet cedarwood so that it will shrink a little.

You can hire a professional cedar fence contractor for the best and outstanding results. You can message them online or direct to their physical shop.

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