Improve Your Curb Appeal with Simple Paver Restoration Steps

Brick pavers are an excellent alternative for a variety of landscape designs. They are adaptable and come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. However, one common issue we hear about is pavers losing their color over time. Here is the paver restoration process.

Knowing how to restore the color of pavers can help them last longer and look better.

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The first step is to clean the pavers with a brick paver or concrete cleaner. Use the cleaner as instructed, and for optimal results, use a pressure washer to remove impurities such as dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from the pavers. Clean and rinse the pavers well. Allow them to dry for a day or two after that.

Once the clean pavers are dry, they can be sealed. If your pavers are loose, re-sand the joints and complete the interlock process with a push brush. Use a leaf blower to blast away any remaining sand. Now seal the pavers and joint sand at the same time. The paver sealant will assist to restore the color of the pavers and will stabilize the joint sand, preventing weeds and moss from growing between them.

Coat the entire surface evenly until it appears wet. A matte coating will not change the appearance of the pavers, but a wet look or gloss finish will assist to darken them and restore some of their original colors. This is how to go about paver restoration.


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