Why Your Hose Might Matter More Than You Think It Does

From the flexible garden hose to the industrial hose, many people don’t realize how many varieties hoses come in. Of course, any hose manufacturer would be able to tell you, but the average everyday person probably doesn’t think too much about it – that is, until they have use of said hose. And after all, there are more purposes of hose usage than one might think, and each is likely to require a different type of hose, ranging from the flexible garden hose to the sprinkler hose to the regular water hose.

For instance, most people associate the hose with gardening. And this is certainly a valid association, as the watering of plants and flowers and grass is absolutely essential if you want your garden to thrive – or even just stay alive. For the watering of flowers or even vegetables, it’s likely that you’ll have use of a flexible garden hose that does the job.

However, did you know that the flexible garden hose comes in a number of different lengths? The shortest flexible garden hose is only around twenty five feet long while the longest flexible garden hose can extend up to one hundred feet long. It’s important to take even a rough measurement of the space that you’ll be using it for, as buying a hose that is too short can be detrimental, as can buying a hose that is far too long. After all, if you have a small space, cluttering it with too much flexible garden hose (that you likely paid extra for) is not ideal. And a large yard simply can’t be watered with a short flexible garden hose, at least not in a way that will sustain your plants and flowers.

Aside from hose length, you’ll likely want to consider hose attachments like the sprinkler hose attachment. This sprinkler hose will be ideal for watering your lawn, which should evenly get about one inch of water per watering session, which will end up amount to about half of a gallon of water for every square foot of lawn that is watered. This soaker hose should not be any less than one hundred feet in length, or else it is likely that you will just be better off installing a sprinkler system.

Spending the money for a high quality hose will also likely be ideal. If you don’t buy a good flexible garden hose, after all, it’s more likely than not that you’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later. As the best of all hoses will last for as many as ten years – and typically no fewer years than five full years – it’s well worth it to invest the money in a good hose now. Besides this fact of longevity, a good flexible garden hose is far less likely to tangle or twist in the way that cheaper hoses will – and ultimately become damaged by, in the vast majority of cases.

And hoses are likely to become more sought after – particularly high quality hoses, of course – as the past time and even passion of gardening continues to grow and grow (literally and figuratively) in popularity. In fact, the growth of gardening has been tremendous not only in the United States but in many other places of the world as well. Data backs this up, showing that more than one hundred and ten million people garden in the United States.

Now, it is true that some of these gardeners might just be occasional gardeners while others are more regular and passionate about their gardens and gardening, but gardeners of all skill and dedication levels will most certainly need to be able to use the right tools for the job. From the flexible garden hose to the never kind heavy duty hose, there are simply so many options out there for gardeners to choose from.

So many options, in fact, that it can be difficult to make a final decision. Talking to a professional from the hardware store that the hose is purchased at – or will be purchased at – can certainly help and can help the gardener to at least narrow down options.

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