What You Really Need to Know About Restoring Your Floor

Tampa tile sealing

Sites like Pinterest and Etsy have re-awakened peoples? desire to have a home that looks great — and reflects their personality. However, it often becomes tempting to either DIY major projects (the internet can show you how to do anything!) or invest in very cheap versions of quality materials — and sometimes, the result of this can be more expensive than investing in quality workmanship in the first place.

Don’t Opt for a Subpar Floor Contractor, or Pay the Price

Floor restoration is a big example of this. Contractors trying to submit the lowest bid will sometimes do a lot of corner-cutting that could potentially impact the longevity of your floor. One example would be a total avoidance of name brand floors. While you don?t always need a popular brand for good quality, you?re obviously going to want to know the exact material being used for your floor, and this means knowing the manufacturer so that you can look up information on durability and more, and so that you can research proper care.

Any contractor you hire should be industry certified, have past referrals, and a local reputation. This is important whether you?re getting hardwood or terrazzo flooring. But what, you may ask, is terrazzo?

A Terrazzo floor is uniquely comprised of multiple materials; it is an aggregation of things like marble, granite, glass and quartz. This composite material is popular because it has a classy appearance but tends to hide dirt and wear better than other floor materials. Its composition also allows it to deal with wear, period, better than options that may wear down or scratch over time (like wood). Terrazzo floor restoration should be completed by a qualified professional.

Travertine Tile Cleaning

Are there terrazzo tile cleaning products made specifically for terrazzo? The answer is yes. The reality is, terrazzo is actually very easy to clean for. After thoroughly sweeping, a simple cleaner and water are often enough to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

Terrazzo has a history going back over 1,500 years. If you’ve been hankering for a new look for your home, it’s a great option for any type of floor. Just keep in mind the benefits of opting for terrazzo floor restoration from a professional.

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