What to Know About Porta Potty Rental Costs

Are you planning on renting a portable toilet for your outdoor function or a construction site? You need to know a few things about the cost of renting portable toilets. The following video shows the estimated cost of renting a portable toilet for one day and over a weekend. The video states that the average cost is around $85 per day, though prices can vary.


What Influences the Price of a Portable Toilet?

Various factors will influence the price of portable toilets, starting with the region or city, as portable toilets are more expensive in urban areas than in rural areas. The type of portable toilet you rent will also affect the price, with standard units being less expensive and more luxurious units being more expensive.

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The more amenities the portable toilet has, the higher the rental price. A toilet with climate control, granite tops, and running water will be more expensive than a single portable toilet.


The rental duration will increase the price. For example, renting a portable toilet for one day may cost $85, and renting for the weekend may cost $200. Furthermore, the add-on services will affect the price. If you need maintenance done while the toilets are on site, delivery, pickup, and setup will affect the price. Finally, the demand for toilets may push the price up or down. A porta potty rental in Olympia, WA is an affordable product and service for your next outdoor event.



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