What Is Ductless Air Conditioning? And Other FAQs

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Keeping your home comfortable should be a primary concern. Most homeowners today find that having a central heating and air conditioning system is a must. But have you ever wondered whether there might be a less costly option? Ductless air conditioning is a more targeted system that can keep your home comfortable when a conventional system is impractical or too expensive to install and run. Below, we’re answering your questions on ductless AC units and how they may solve your cooling woes.

How does ductless air conditioning work?

Ductless AC systems have an outdoor condensing unit (consisting of a compressor, condensing coil, and fan) and an indoor unit (which has an evaporator and a blower fan). Like its name suggests, there’s no ductwork required for this type of setup. All these units require is the ability to be mounted on the wall and to be hooked up to electricity. Essentially, the compressor turns low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas while the fan forces hot air outside and heat is absorbed by the unit’s refrigerant.

What are the benefits of using ductless AC over conventional systems?

For one thing, because no duct work is required, ductless AC systems are easier to install and maintain, are generally cheaper, and are much quieter. There are also flexible options available for different needs; these can allow you to cool a home addition (even if you already have a traditional air conditioning system) without having to mess with ductwork. Keep in mind that ducts can cause problems when they become clogged, particularly for those with allergies or respiratory issues. Ductless systems are not only energy efficient but also provide cleaner air, which means your family can be healthier and you can reduce your environmental impact.

Where can ductless AC be used?

Virtually everywhere! Due to this system’s flexibility, it can work for almost any application. It’s popular for new construction, condos, and offices, but it can also be a great solution in garages, attics, and more. Hospitals, churches, and data centers all have their own concerns for their HVAC (whether it be health, quiet, or power), and ductless systems can stand up to the task.

To find out more about whether a ductless air conditioning system would work for your needs, contact your qualified HVAC technician today.

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