What is an Argon Purge Monitor and Why do Professional Welders Use Them?

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Are you considering a career as a professional welder? If so, you’re not alone! According to the American Welding Society, there are currently more 500,000 professional welders working in the United States. As a professional welder, you can expect a stable, rewarding career that’s full of possibility!

Welding is one of the most important trades in the United States, with more than half of all goods made in the U.S. requiring some form of welding. For as simple as welding may seem to the untrained eye, it consist of a lot more than simply bonding two pieces of metal together and requires a great deal of skill, professional training, and perhaps most importantly, the right tools.

In addition the basic tools of the trade, purging equipment for welding is a must. No two welds are the same, and purge equipment helps professional welders maintain a sense of consistency and quality in their work regardless of the job or the materials being welded together.

What is weld purging?

One of the most important terms welding training students should become familiar with is weld purging. Simply put, purging a weld is the process of removing any gases from the welding joint that may affect the during or shortly after its joined. Without purging, there’s a great chance of corrosion, discoloration, oxidation, and damage. In addition to oxygen and water vapor, purge welding tools, such as argon purge monitors, help welders purge or remove inert gases like argon, helium, and nitrogen.

Do all welds require purging?

Weld purging isn’t required for all welds, and is usually performed in TIG and gas tungsten arc welding. Although helium can also be used, argon is the most common gas used for purging. During the purging process, the flow rate and pressure of the purging gas can vary, which is why constant monitoring is so important. Furthermore, the quality of the gas can also change throughout the purging process and alter moisture and oxygen levels. Argon purge monitors help professional welders closely monitor these changes to create a stronger, better weld.

Why is weld purging so important?

Without removing particles and impurities, welds can crack, break, and become increasingly brittle over time. Faulty welds can be disastrous, especially in the automotive industry! Clean and completely spotless contact surfaces are essential for creating a strong, lasting weld, and purging helps to accomplish this. Weld purging is a must for high precision welds!

A career in welding can be fun, exciting, and provides a great deal of opportunity for both personal and professional growth! Argon purge monitors are just one of many tools that professional welders use in their work, and you’ll have a chance to learn about and use all of these tools in trade school. For more information about becoming a welder, contact your local trade school or organization to learn more.

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