Tips for Repairing Rotted Window Frames

If you are in the market for window repair, you may think about getting some advice from professionals or online in order to avoid buying a new window. You may be experiencing window rot, and if this is the case you will need to take the window out and locate the joint on the end to cut out for replacing. Once the rotted wood frame is removed, you can get a piece of wood that will fit within the aluminum panel cover, if present.

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The glass and bottom portion of the window should be all that is left in order to completely remove the damaged part and will make your window repair job higher quality. Once you obtain the new wood for the frame and get it measured out, the goal is to create a grove with a hand or table saw for the glass piece to slide into on each side. This part can be tedious, so asking for assistance with your window repair is not a bad idea. Even though doing this yourself takes some time and energy, your repaired window could save you money in the long run.


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