The Benefits of Copper Sinks

Copper farmhouse sink

If you are looking to change out your old sink in the kitchen with a copper sink then you probably are looking for the pros and cons before you make a decision. Humans have been working with copper for 10,000 years, but seeing it in a home is actually pretty rare, although copper is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. Copper sinks are gorgeous and add certain elegance to any home you use them in.

The rich color of copper has made a comeback and you can find them in homes more and more often now. It is interesting to know that the penny, despite having a copper color contains only 2.6 percent copper. That is because in 1982, the U.S. mint changed the penny, which then contained 95 percent copper to a mostly zinc alloy, but coated it with copper to give it its shiny appearance.

Copper sinks are popular because of their looks and in ancient India copper was actually used for surgical instruments and any other medical equipment they needed, by those that practiced holistic medical science Ayurveda. It has been said that a copper farmhouse sink, or any other copper sink is easy to clean and do not stain easily.

However, copper is a metal that is easily recycled with no loss in the quality of the copper itself, in fact, 80 percent of the copper that has ever been mined is still around in some form today. Copper vessel sinks are pretty, durable and add elegance to the home as well.

You can choose such rich colors with copper sinks that it will match whatever room you decide to put it in. From a shiny copper color to a rich darker color almost like a bronze, whichever you choose will surely brighten up the room. Copper does get darker over time so be sure to choose the color you want it to stay to start with.

Copper sinks are durable of course and since copper is a natural antibacterial substance it is sanitary as well. If you are looking for an elegant sink that will get a lot of praise from your house guests and family alike then copper sinks may just be the thing for you. Copper sinks are durable, elegant, and made to last. If you are looking to replace the sinks in your home then you will do well to choose copper sinks to replace them with.

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