Saving Money And Improving Security The Home Renovation Project You Should Invest In This Year

It’s that time of year again. You have a home renovation project that needs to be done soon, but you’re not sure just what kind.

Should you give your roof a repair job and see if any tiles need replacing? How about a new siding job to improve your home’s ROI? Before you start digging in your phonebook for some local repair services, consider going out of your way to replace windows around the home. While checking your floorboards for loose nails or investing in a carpet cleaning session are fine ideas, old windows have to be one of the most frustrating issues faced by modern homeowners today.

Here are five reasons you should replace windows in your home this year.

You Can Save Money On Your Energy Bill Every Month

If you’re tired of a higher-than-average energy bill, going out of your way to replace windows will give you some much-needed relief. While a poor HVAC system or lackluster boiler can contribute to a spike in costs, drafty windows are a major contributor to this issue. That’s because air can escape through small cracks between your window panes, leading to energy bills that are 10% to even 20% higher than average. Dual-paned windows have been found to be two times as effective at retaining heating and air conditioning compared to single-paned.

Your Home Will Be More Secure From Break-Ins

Do you worry about your home’s security? Better replacement windows will not just improve your energy bill, it’ll even keep your home more secure. Studies have shown burglars often enter through the front door or windows, as much as a third of the time, and cheap windows only make this easier. Installing windows is as easy as reaching out to a professional and sharing with them your concerns, as they can find a model that’s both secure and very energy-efficient.

Replacement Siding Can Be Paired With The Best Windows

You’ve already realized you need to invest in commercial window replacement…why not kill two birds with one stone? Vinyl siding is a very affordable choice for most homes, costing up to 10% less than cedar siding and as much as 25% less than aluminum siding. You can also enjoy the benefits of boosting your ROI. According to studies provided by the National Association Of Realtors, homeowners who go out of their way to replace windows can get back up to 80% of their investment. Increase this number when you add siding to the mix.

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Designs

What’s another thing you can look forward to when you choose to replace windows and siding? You can upgrade your home’s design and improve its overall look. Rustic appearances are only growing more popular with American homeowners today and can be added through the aid of a wooden border or custom detail on your new commercial window set-up. A recent survey found nearly two-thirds of the homeowners who are planning a renovation considering their windows or doors. When you want a little bit of everything, commercial windows are the way to go.

Installing Windows In Your Home

Let’s go over a refresher. There’s a lot to enjoy when you invest in the best commercial window installers. The Department Of Energy found the average homeowner’s energy bill sees 45% dedicated to heating alone. You’ll be able to save up to 15% per year on your bill if your older single-paned or older double-paned windows are replaced with energy-efficient models. These can be better determined with the aid of Energy Star readings or by looking up the Efficient Windows Collaborative. Even better? You can boost your home’s personal security and enjoy a higher ROI.

When choosing a renovation project this year, go for one that will support you in nearly every facet of your life.

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