How to use a Sump Pump on your overflowed septic

This video highlights the steps of how to use a sump pump on your overflowed septic. During the emergency of septic overflow, the only backup is to use sump pump. It is for those who have multiple filters and tanks as it filters the water into the final tank.
A sump pump is not designed for full septic pump outs. It can only filter the water up to 90%.

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However, it is very easy to use, the only thing you need to be careful of is that don’t let your sump pump suck air. For pumping, plug in the sump pump to an electric board, connect it to hose and make its direction towards drain field. When the pump starts you will hear a sound, now lower the sump pump into the septic with the hose.
After 2 to 3 minutes water level will start to drop. Now follow the hose into drain field, you will see that water is still dirty. After fifteen minutes it will be completely drained out. Now stop the sump pump by pulling out the plug. You will see that the septic pumps out of the water. You must learn how to do manual pumping on your own. Knowing how to manually pump will save you in times of emergency.

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