High Quality Flooring Choices Can Transform Your Home

Hardwood floor textures

Homeowners looking for high-quality flooring have a number of choices: carpeting, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, laminates and linoleum. With a large variety of floor covering materials and designs, they can pick the types most suited to the location and their lifestyle. The benefits of hardwood installation versus carpeting in areas like the living room and bedrooms is a matter of personal choice, though some considerations about cleaning and maintenance need to be kept in mind.

Carpeting is a popular choice for living such as bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms and family or entertainment rooms. Carpeting offers offers warmth as well as a cozy feeling. In a survey of homeowners carried out by Houzz, as many as 38% said that their plans included carpeting in the master bedroom. Carpet designs can vary from formal to plain and functional to specially designed patterns for children’s rooms.
Carpets need more maintenance and cleaning than wood floors. However, carpeting can actually reduce the amount of allergens found in a house. They may seem counterintuitive but a study in Sweden found that a 70% decrease in carpet usage led to 30% increase in allergic reactions in the general population.

Hardwood floors
Many people believe in the benefits of hardwood installation, since these floors are easy to clean and maintain. More than a third, or 34%, of the Houzz survey participants said that they had hardwood floors in their homes. Wood floors have a welcoming look and go with many different kinds of home decor. Their versatility makes them a very popular choice.
Wood floors are available in a range of different textures, colors and materials, from oak and maple to cherry. The benefits of hardwood installation go beyond appearance and comfort. Hardwood flooring actually adds value to a home. The National Association of Realtors reports that according dats they collected, 54% or more than half of home buyers would be willing to pay a higher price a home that had with hardwood flooring.

Ceramic tile
Ceramic tiles are the top choice for bathrooms and kitchens, for floors, walls and backsplashes. They’re easy to clean, and individual tiles can easily be replaced if they crack or chip or pieces go missing. In the Houzz survey, 23% of the participants said that they had tiles in their homes. Tiles are very long-lasting and durable. They come in a large variety of colors and designs and are favored by designers for their versatility in changing the look of a room.

Laminates can recreate the look of wood, tile or stone in highly durable materials and for a fraction of the cost. They can be used anywhere, from the basement to high traffic areas. They are easy to clean and maintain. Like hardwood and linoleum, laminates come in a variety of finishes and glosses, so the finish most suitable to the location can be used.

Linoleum is an old favorite for kitchens, hallways and heavy traffic areas. It’s versatile, easy to clean, and comes in many attractive designs and colors. It’s also one of the most ecofriendly flooring choices since its made entirely from renewable sources and the materials are 100% biodegradable.
Linoleum consists of dried and milled flax seeds combined with other natural plant materials like pine resins, recycled wood flour and ground cork, all mounted on a jute backing. Linoleum is also naturally antibacterial.

With so many attractive and practical choices, if you’re planning to install a new floor, it’s a good idea to do some research before making a choice. Talking to professionals about the benefits of hardwood installation versus other kinds of flooring can help you to decide which kind of flooring is best for you. Your decision will depend on a number of factors: the location where the floor is being installed, whether you have any kids or pets, how much time and effort you can put into cleaning and maintenance. Whichever flooring you choose, you will be living with it for a long time.

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